2 tabs goed voor 2 flessen schoonmaakmiddel (750ml)

Take care of your home and the planet with the EzeeTabs all-purpose cleaner!

Pink - the color of love, care and cheerfulness. With the all-purpose cleaner tabs, this is exactly what you create in your home and the world. Who wouldn't be happy about this? With this tab, 750 ml tap water and a reusable bottle you can simply make your own all-purpose cleaner. Suitable for keeping any surface, including the earth, clean.

Instructions for use
Place a tab in an empty bottle, fill it with 750 ml of lukewarm water, wait until the tab has dissolved and you are ready for any cleaning! Spray onto the surface to be cleaned, leave for a few seconds and wipe the surface clean and dry.

Citric acid, non-ionic surfactants ≥5 – <15% and perfumes.



Unsere Vorteile

Benefits of cleaning tablet

  • Save space and weight in storage and transportation. 
  • Reuse plastic bottles. By using tabs, you can refill any suitable spray bottle over and over again, creating less waste.
  • Reduce 97% CO 2 emissions through less water transport. With 1 5-kilogram box of EzeeTabs, a total of 750 liters of cleaning product can be made, which normally requires 4 pallets.


No more lugging around disposable plastic bottles of cleaning product. If your bottle is empty, you can simply refill it at home with a new tab. This is much easier than buying a new bottle every time or storing a large stock of bottles. More than lukewarm tap water and a reusable bottle are not necessary to dissolve the biodegradable EzeeTabs surface cleaning tablets into a cleaning agent.

Effective cleaning

EzeeTabs is more environmentally friendly than classic cleaning products. Moreover, it has at least the same cleaning power. With EzeeTabs, effective and sustainable cleaning is affordable for everyone. The cleaners also have a pleasant floral or fruity scent.



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