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A cleaner world is within reach with EzeeTabs' dissolvable ecological cleaning tablets. Our range includes non-toxic and biodegradable surface, machine and bottle cleaners. Dissolve the surface cleaners in a bottle of lukewarm water for a bottle of cleaning agent. This way, we re-use (plastic) bottles, transport less water, reduce CO2 emissions and work towards a cleaner planet with less toxic waste.

EzeeTabs has been developed and produced in our factory in Germany, which has been producing cleaning tablets ever since they invented the dishwasher tablet as we know it today. With more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing industrial cleaning solutions, we have developed cleaning tablets with maximum cleaning power and minimum impact on nature.

EzeeTabs – A cleaner planet tab by tab


Discover a tablet.
A miracle tablet.
A tablet that's powerful, fresh and easy to use.
Drop it in water
For a solution
To a cleaner home
And a cleaner world.
Just dissolve to
Help solve the climate crisis.
Resolve to leave the world a better place
The easy way.
Reduce plastic pollution
And CO2 emissions.
For easy cleaning and a clean house without toxic ingredients.

EzeeTabs – A cleaner planet tab by tab


EzeeTabs International B.V.
Prismalaan West 27
2665 PC Bleiswijk
The Netherlands

A cleaner planet
tab by tab.


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