Bathroom Cleaner

2 tabs with fruity scent (2x750ml of cleaner + bottle label

Freshen up your bathroom and the planet with the EzeeTabs Bathroom cleaner!

Fresh, clean and shining like the sun - if you had to describe this with one colour, of course it would be yellow. And what could be better than a fresh, clean and shiny bathroom? With the bathroom cleaning tab, you can make your bathroom and the planet shine again. With this tab, 750 ml tap water and a reusable bottle, you simply make your own bathroom cleaner. The powerful tablet cleans and descales all surfaces in your bathroom.

How to use:
EzeeTabs is full of cleaning power and perfect for people who can take on any cleaning challenge with respect for nature. So put a tab in an empty bottle, fill it with 750 ml lukewarm water (30°C), wait for the tab to dissolve and you’re ready for any cleaning job! Spray on the surface you want to clean, let it take effect for a few seconds, then wipe the surface clean and dry. With EzeeTabs, you reuse plastic bottles and save on CO2 emissions (no water is transported). Let’s create a cleaner planet tab by tab.

Contains maleic acid, non-ionic surfactants <5% and perfumes.

Our claims


EzeeTabs uses only natural ingredients. All substances comply with OECD guidelines, meaning they are readily biodegradable. But what does this entail? All ingredients have passed a strict test to check whether the material breaks down fast enough. If the substance has broken down within 28 days, it meets the requirements. In fact, most substances in EzeeTabs are broken down within 10 days. In short, all ingredients can return to nature without negative effects.

Reuse bottles

By using tabs, you can refill any suitable spray bottle each time. Not only is this convenient for yourself, nature is also very happy about this. The advantages of reusing your (plastic) bottle: 1. Less waste. The consequence of reusing a bottle is obviously that you throw away fewer bottles, thus creating less waste. Less (plastic) waste in landfills and oceans! 2. It saves costs. You invest less in bottles. Also, a tab as a refill is often cheaper than liquid detergent in a bottle made of disposable plastic. So the longer you use EzeeTabs, the more money you save! 3. It's Ezee! When your bottle is empty, you can simply refill it with a new tab at home. This is much easier than buying a new bottle each time or storing many bottles. 4. You save on resources! By reusing a bottle, you reduce the amount of energy and resources used to produce new bottles. In short, a reusable (plastic) bottle is a win-win situation for you and the environment.

Non-toxic ingredients

EzeeTabs contains no toxic ingredients that are harmful to nature. Result: a clean house and environment!


Microplastics are used in many cleaning products for thorough cleaning. For example, it is used in detergent to get stains out of clothes. However, microplastics actually make the planet a lot dirtier. They are not biodegradable and can easily accumulate in the ocean. What good is a clean shirt to you then? We chose not to use microplastics. Other techniques are used to make high-quality tabs so you can enjoy a clean home!

Low carbon footprint

The tabs have a very low carbon footprint for two main reasons: 1. No water transportation. Imagine a truck full of bottles of liquid detergent and a truck full of tablets. With the truck full of tablets, you can obviously transport a lot more cleaning products per trip. Because water is not transported with EzeeTabs, there are 97% fewer CO₂ emissions than with traditional liquid detergents. 2. Low CDV. When an ingredient is easily biodegradable, it releases less carbon like CO₂.


Only vegetable, no animal, ingredients are used for EzeeTabs. The tabs are therefore environmentally and animal-friendly. A clean planet for you and your environment!

How it works

Tab by tab

Cleaning tablet vs. liquid detergent

–       Save space and weight in storage and transport.

–       Reuse plastic bottles. By using tabs, you can refill any suitable spray bottle every time, reducing waste.

–       Reduce 97% CO2 emissions due to less water transportation. With a 5 kg box of EzeeTabs you can create a total of 750 litres of cleaning product, which normally requires 4 pallets. Reducing CO2 emissions is needed to combat climate change.


No more carrying around single-use plastic bottles of detergent. When your bottle is empty, you can simply refill it with a new tab at home. This is much easier than buying a new bottle each time or storing many bottles. No more than lukewarm tap water and a reusable bottle are needed to turn the biodegradable EzeeTabs surface cleaning tablets into a surface cleaner.

Effective cleaning

EzeeTabs is more ecofriendly than conventional cleaning agents. Moreover, it has at least the same cleaning power. With EzeeTabs, effective and sustainable cleaning is affordable for everyone. The cleaners also have a pleasant floral or fruity fragrance.

Our German factory, where cleaning tablets have been produced ever since they invented the dishwasher tablet, has a long experience in developing cleaning tablets with maximum cleaning power and minimum impact on nature.


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